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How does MAF InfoCom™ work?

All of you companies call detail records (CDR’s) are collected and processed regularly by our datacenter. After processing, the data is fully equipped with all your company's details, usernames, divisions, extensions, costs and possibly revenues and made available to you on secure internet. Through a comprehensive and powerful online reporting tool you will be able to compose every report yourself. A helpdesk is at your disposal for all your questions. Every desired reports will be send to you automatically.

Can I use multiple telecom carrier's with MAF InfoCom™ and can I compare between these?

MAF InfoCom™ supports unlimited telecom carrier rates worldwide. You can also use MAF InfoCom ™ to compare prices from different providers.

Can I improve my staffs productivity with MAF InfoCom™

MAF InfoCom™ provides visibility into your calling patterns and activities of your employees. Therefore MAF InfoCom™ can be used to minimize productivity losses through non-business calling activity and to evaluate the effectiveness of revenue-generating staff, sales processes, and manage the responsiveness of customer service staff.

Can MAF InfoCom™ support multi-property enterprises?

MAF InfoCom™ supports unlimited phone numbers, (IP) PBX’s, users, areacodes and locations.

Can MAF InfoCom™ provide invoice & dispute management?

MAF InfoCom™ can compare the invoices from your telecommunications service providers with the facts from your (IP) PBX and agreed rates and you never make over-payments again.

Can MAF InfoCom™ provide usage management?

If your services are billed on some usage basis, MAF InfoCom™ can  track this usage so you can be sure that the usage to be paid for is a legitimate business service request and is appropriate accounted for -and approved- by users.

Can MAF InfoCom™ provide sourcing of telecommunications services?

MAF InfoCom™ can compare provider proposals with your detailed call information en helps you choose the most profitable provider based on your unique traffic.

Can I import MAF InfoCom™ reports automatically in my accounting system?

Amongst many formats MAF InfoCom™ can provide you detailed  .csv reports containing information according to your needs like customer number, call and charges according traffic class and much more which you can import in your corporate accounting and human resource systems.

Why is MAF InfoCom™ so much cheaper than buying my own stand alone software?

MAF InfoCom™ is easily justified if you compare it to the total lifecycle cost of ownership for the distributed technology.Based on our experience we know that when you purchase software yourself there is a substantial initial investment, recurring support fees and renewal costs approximately every 3 years.

Initial Investments

Ongoing Cost

Renewal cost
(app. every 3 years)

Server Hardware

Yearly support fee’s

Server renewal

O/S Licenses

Rate table update fee’s

O/S Licences Renewal

Call Accounting Software

FTE Hours

Major Call Accounting Software Update

Call Accounting Software

Minor Call Accounting Software Updates


Support fee



Rate tables



Data Collection Buffers



Does MAF InfoCom™ supports departmental and employee chargeback?

MAF InfoCom™ helps you to allocate all costs including user subscription fees within your enterprise by divisions, departments, and even individual employees.

Can MAF InfoCom™ provide account code or client based billing?

Professional services firms use MAF InfoCom for account code or client based billing of their phone usage. The hospitality industry uses MAF InfoCom™ to resell phone services to visiting guests and groups therefore MAF InfoCom™ provides specific rating and provisioning capabilities.