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telecom contract negotiation, RFI, RFP

Telecom providers are in business to make money. Your money, to be exact.

And because most contracts are for several years, they can take more money than they should, for many years, if you don’t negotiate your telecom pricing well.

MAF InfoCom™ helps organizations save on their telecom expenses for over 15 years, but the best way to save is to make sure you received the best deal in the first place.

MAF InfoCom™ supports you in your procurement process.

We start with an RFI (Request For Information) to suppliers to assess your requirements and wishes. From there on we select the most suitable suppliers and invited them to submit a tender RFP (Request For Proposal).

Based on Benchmarking MAF InfoCom™ analyzes the bids to assess whether they are competitive and appropriate for your organization to help you as not only to make the most advantageous choice, but under the best conditions and with the most features.
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