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Telecom Cost Optimization


Slash your telephone bill because you almost always paid too much

MAF InfoCom™ compares your current call charges against those of the most profitable possible provider. Based entirely on the own, unique behavior pattern of your organization.


Independent Advice

Unique and more importantly MAF InfoCom™ provide independent advice. You will know for sure that our recommendations have your needs in the first place, and that these are not colored by commission of providers.


No Assumptions But Facts

Most providers and advisors will claim you save money using their services but can almost never exactly tell you what you are going to save. Often they base this on averages and assumptions. Depending on your unique calling behavior (many short or few long calls), this can give a nasty surprise and may result to prove your newly chosen provider itself to be more expensive.
Therefore let MAF InfoCom™ help you make the right and most cost effective choice . MAF InfoCom™ compares each and every historical phone call by the seconds with the rates of the various providers who made you an offer. So from each call you get to see exactly how much you would have paid if you would use the rates of offering parties, based on the unique calling pattern of your organization.
Of course quality is also a very important part in the choice of a service provider. With our extensive knowledge of the European telephony market, we will certainly be able to advise you in this.
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