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Traffic Analyses & Accessibility Information

Accessibility is not a matter of course while communication is your strongest link with your customers. Every organization with a lot of phone traffic benefits from traffic analyses, measurement of the incoming, outgoing and internal call load. This gives you precise insight in the phone offerings and their distribution within the organization.

Do you recognize one or more of the following:

• Are phone calls from our customers answered in time?
• Are our conversations routed in the cheapest way?
• Are there phones in my organization answered slowly or not al?
• What are the highs and lows in our inbound traffic?
• Is the traffic pressure too high for the reception?
• How often are the departments bussy?
• How are internal calls handeled?
• Do we have enough lines?
• Does the (IP)PBC/UC function well?
• How much expensive forwarding to mobiles are there?


Measuring = Knowing

Undoubtedly many more similar situations come to mind and you wonder how your internal and external accessibility is. But is what is said also true? And if so, where lie the bottlenecks and problems then? Is it behavior or technique? Stop guessing because knowledge is power.

In consultation defines the reports need. Often these are standard reports but may optionally specifically required reports are generated. It will also identify groups or departments you would like to see reported separately. During the measurement period you get on you every time via the Internet online insight into the telephone traffic movements of your organization.

Decide based on concrete facts and figures

MAF InfoCom™ Traffic measurement gives you a clear and objective understanding of all your telephone traffic. Finally debate based on facts and make concrete arrangements on how to handle your companies phone calls. With the reports provided by MAF InfoCom™ Traffic Measurement you can improve both your internal and your external communication. It underpins your investment choices in your telephony platform and/or staffing.


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