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Wireless Expense Management (WEM)

Simple and effective understanding of all your mobile costs

Mobile voice and data costs are enormous and constantly growing expenses. MAF InfoCom™ Wireless Expense Management (WEM) provides you with extensive cost registration for your mobile telephony to manage your mobile communication easy and effective. Many companies are at the mercy of their employees when it comes to the cost of mobile telephony. Then there are also many companies where employees and local offices have their own subscriptions which fails centralized management. This lack of understanding is costing you a lot of money. Find out where you can save, optimize your mobile communication, get behind usage patterns, billing errors and abuse.

Reduce costs and labor time

We integrate all invoices from all your mobile providers into one user friendly solution to monitor and report you on current consumption. Choose from many detailed reports about the usage and subscription fees spread over branches, departments and employees.

MAF InfoCom™ Wireless Expense Management can send every employee a monthly summery with consumption and costs, if wanted even compared to the amount of the previous month or any previous period. Also the distinction between personal and business calls can be made easily (Split Billing).

Automatic Reports and Online Access

Every report you desire will be send to you automatically, but for all your ad hoc reporting needs you always have 24/7 access via the Internet to your data. Here you can make, with the aid of a very powerful and user-friendly reporting tool, every report you want.


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