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MAF InfoCom’s Partner Program is one of the most rewarding partner programs in the industry and offers a number of ways to improve growth and increase profits for your company. Whether you are a Systems Integrator, UC Reseller or Hosted UC supplier we would like to be your trusted partner. We take on the role of your in-house experts in analytics and reporting taking pride in delivering first class pre and post-sales support to your customers.






Partnering with MAF InfoCom™ is a simple and productive way to enhance your overall UC offering for your customers. Increase your revenue en create recurring sales by incorporating MAF InfoCom solutions into your portfolio.

We offer:

• End-user demos

• End-user Installation and Training

• Partner Training

• Software & Service Support

• Brandable marketing material

• Brandable Software Products and Solutions

• Lead Generation




We strive to make partnering with MAF InfoCom™ a simple, rewarding and profitable experience where you can recommend our solutions and services with confidence. Partner benefits include high levels of discount, marketing collateral which can be branded, customer demonstrations, assistance with tenders, regular sales incentives, sales training and in house software. We are flexible in our working relationship, you can have as much or little involvement as you would like. MAF ICIMS™ will differentiate your proposition resulting in increased success of your core UC sales. The reporting capabilities can be used pre-deployment of UC as an auditing tool and to demonstrate ROI post-deployment ensuring their investment in UC is delivering the business benefits expected. Areas where customers can improve performance and consumption of UC can be highlighted identifying training and education requirements.





The multi-tenancy capability of MAF ICIMS™ makes it the ideal solution to add value to your Hosted UC offering. We can assist you in producing the reporting on your platform delivering key information through the automated reports. It is possible to open up the dashboard as your portal where customers can view usage and productivity details. The portal can be branded according to your requirements. Average Revenue Per User can also be increased as licencing is based on a per user per month basis. Full administration training is offered so you can take complete ownership of system management if required. Marketing collateral can be branded and any customer pre and post sales requirements assisted with.

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